Eau La La Liners | Sleek Does it Again!

 Eau La La! These liners by Sleek Make up (available at Superdrug) were launched a few months ago and I was so eager to try them out but didn't get round to properly testing them till recently. I love Sleek as a make up brand, all their products are great value for money so far and they always manage to come out with products that are usually only found in higher end brands, like the matte shadow palettes and now these matte multi-purpose coloured liners.

Eau La La Liners are smudge proof, multi-purpose pencils with a unique waterproof formulation. They retail at £4 and you get a lot in one pencil.

I picked up 4 shades - 2 more for the lips and two for the eyes.


This is a vivid orange tone, and it isn't so easy to find an orange lip liner in drug stores so this was a great addition to my collection. Only problem is that they are so creamy that the tip can easily break. But they are super smooth and don't tug or drag the skin.


This is a gorgeous pinky nude and I use this all over the lip for a matte finish or add a champagne gloss on top. It is similar to MAC's 'Please Me' and is a great liner for any nude lipstick.

Cobalt Blue

 I love a flash of blue in the eyes on a hot summer's day, really complements tanned skin and brown eyes, and this bright blue does the trick. I think I prefer the pigmentation of MAC's Technakhol Liner in Smooth Blue because this is more of a matte blue shade, but for £4 it is really sharp and can be used all over as an eyeshadow base to extend staying power!


There are various brown tones in the massive range of 20 shades, I went for the darkest brown to use as an eye liner but I would look into a lighter brown to use as a brow pencil. 

It is a lovely flat brown, matte shade and can't really fault it!

 Can't really fault any of these shades and would love to try out some more ~ they aren't very unique colours but they are multi-purpose and matte which is definitely a bonus for a drug store item!


  1. I really like them ALL especially Cobalt Blue but I can imagine wearing Cocoa and Pumpkin on my lips.

  2. Girl after my own heart ;) I agree, they're so versatile to work on eyes and lips! xoxo

  3. I got a few of these loved them at first then they started getting sucked right out the pencil when I took the lid off :( fail! X



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