Hot Cloth Cleanser Showdown | Liz Earle vs Boots No7

 You may remember an old post of mine were I raved about the No7 Radiance Boosting Hot Cloth Cleanser, which has famously been touted as a Liz Earle wannabe. 

Some describe it as 'similar to Liz Earle but not as good' and well, curiosity got the better of me! I decided to buy the Liz Earle despite having some of the No7 cleanser left and do a quick comparison of the two. 

NB: I don't think Boots actually do the Radiance Boosting cleanser any more, they seem to have the No7 Beautiful Skin Hot Cloth Cleanser only...but I assume they are pretty similar?

Quick background...

'What is a hot cloth cleanser?'

Hot cloth cleansers usually consist of a cream based formula which you massage into DRY skin. They can be applied straight onto make-up usually and are aimed to remove all impurities, dirt and grime because they are concentrated. 

Once well massaged, you take a cloth (usually muslin, usually provided with the cleanser) and run it under hot water. The muslin material's slightly rough texture helps exfoliate the skin as you remove the dirt and grime and rubs away any dead skin cells, without being too abrasive to your delicate skin!


Liz Earle - I got mine from John Lewis, the 100ml bottle pump starter kit, which comes with two muslin cloths and a cute bag to hold it all.... at £14.25

No7 - £9.95 - one muslin cloth included. But... if you use your no7 £5 vouchers, you can get this for around £5, like I did! This is also double the product, at 200ml.


Both are very similar and both come in a pump bottle which I love as it is super hygienic and neat. Both give a good amount and one pump of either is enough, perhaps one and a half if you have a lot of make up on that day.

No7- a pretty generous pump!
Liz Earle - smaller amount pumps out


No 7 - the first time I used it... It felt so luxurious. This smells lovely, like a spa product which should cost £28 or some similarly obscure amount. It is a thick yet blendable cream and applies very smoothly. You can rub this into mascara coated lashes and it doesn't sting the eyes. 

This foams up, or thickens is probably a better word, more than Liz Earle's does. 

Liz Earle - This has a far more tingly, refreshing scent to it...slightly medicinal but in a botanical sense. That is most definitely the eucalyptus, rosemary, cocoa butter and chamomile extracts. 

This feels as if it is 'working' more than the No7 does. The tingly sensation seems to work its way into the skin and it disappears as you massage it in rather than leaving a layer on the skin.

The Muslin Cloths

No7 - You only get one. And it gets tatty quite fast. You can throw these in the washing machine to wash, but personally there is no need to do that after every use, just grab a bar of soap and hand wash it straight after use - the make up is fresh and will come of very easily. 

Liz Earle - these seem more substantial and have a pretty green lining... (it's the littlest details that count!). 

They are both quite similar in texture and do get rougher with use. Both are gentle enough to rub into the eye and lip area.
 The winner is...

I'm sorry No7... I feel Liz Earle just does more for my skin. Don't get me wrong, both cleansers leave your skin feeling baby bum soft, but the Liz Earle is not just a feeling, it evidently clarifies the skin deeply and gives a radiant glow (without boasting about it); you can really feel this working. The softness lasts days rather than hours and can be used day and night without feeling like it is a too long winded morning routine, or that it is too abrasive to the skin to use twice a day.

 Honestly... I think it is worth forking out a couple quid extra on the Liz Earle... but like I was, if you are on a budget and don't want to bother with the Liz Earle, or you just want to see what all the hot cloth fuss is about, then No7 is the closest to the real thing, in my opinion.


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