Face Basics | Steps to a Flawless Base: #3 Foundation..part II

Continuing on from Part I (below)...

#3 Applying foundation

Chanel Pro Lumiére Foundation SPF 15

This was my next stop on my foundation journey and what a luxurious one! Chanel oozes elegance and richness and they didn't stop at their make up. I came across this when a friend said 'you have the skin for a Chanel foundation' and I thought, well I just have to now, don't I! But surprisingly it wasn't as hefty a price tag as I had thought. Considering Bobbi Brown is around the £31 mark, Chanel retails at £34-36ish I think, so a couple pounds more for that double C sign, it's worth it just to see it on your dressing table. 

I was shade 30 - Shell which blends seamlessly into my skintone and gave a great coverage without dragging on the skin or feeling heavy - the sign of a high end foundation. It is runnier than you would expect but when on the skin this allows you more time to work with it before it sets, and a little goes a long way. This was my everyday foundation as it had light-medium coverage, and is buildable although I prefer a different foundation for evening (as we will soon see!) 

This foundation was oil free and boasts a semi-matte finish - but I noticed as the day went on and my T-zone became oily it was more apparent, and had to be powdered which I would hope a Chanel foundation would control...but that was the only con; it gave a natural, flawless glow to my skin.

Obviously that means they had to discontinue it! Yes, this is no longer available in stores ladies, it has been replaced by Chanel Perfection Lumiére which aims to combine Pro Lumiére and Matte Lumiére...

Very brief review of Perfection Lumiére
I'm not a fan. Firstly, it is more matte than the Pro and whilst that should be a good thing, it isn't as for me Perfection seems to sit in dry areas and make them more visible. It is also a little thicker in consistency and feels heavier. A little still goes a long way but not in the same sense as Pro. Also there was a price increase...combined with the bad customer service I received I decided to bid Chanel foundations farewell for the moment.

Illamasqua Skin Base - my night time foundation

Illamasqua Skin Base Shade 10
My favourite evening foundation at the moment! This is fantastic and my first Illamasqua purchase after hearing great things from the Pixiwoo sisters. 

It gives great coverage, medium to full but can be sheered down. 

Best way to apply for me is to apply with a stippling brush, dotted around the face and use Real Techniques Buffing Brush or this Elf Powder brush and really buff this into the skin. 

Helps avoid cakey build up and gives flawless skin! Long lasting so it lasts through nights out, sweat, laughter and tears. 
Only con, can be a bit yellowy so make sure you are matched up well - I have a shade 10 but would say I'm more a 9 as mine can be a little yellowy if applied too thickly.

Elf Powder (Flat top) Brush - great for pushing foundation into the skin!

What I'm using now for everyday...

 Estee Lauder Double Wear Light SPF 10 - Shade 3
 This foundation boasts 15 hour wear - and they aren't kidding. This stays so perfect throughout the day for me, it definitely beats Chanel Pro Lumiére in that department. 

In terms of oily T-Zone I have had no issues, we'll have to see when summer comes but I think this foundation will control it as I have seen no difference in the longevity of its wear on the skin because of oils.

This is a thicker foundation for daily wear - more medium/full than sheer/medium but unlike its older sister (Double Wear) this 'Light' version is far more wearable on a daily basis and does not give a cakey look which I found with the Double Wear.  

Again, a recurring theme with high end foundations which I love - a little goes a long way, and when buffed into the skin it doesn't catch onto dry areas but gives warmth and a semi matte finish. This shade suits me so perfectly with no yellowy Simpsons skin! Finally! Also, at roughly £25 this is a fiver less than the Bobbi Brown and a tenner less than Chanel - double bonus :)

In my train case... 

Having clients of different origins and skin tones means foundation matching can be a chore. Unless you have about 6 different liquid shades in different textures and tones you will find it difficult; using palettes allows you to blend colours and customise shades to that particular individual - rather than adapting a client to suit the foundation, you adapt the foundation to suit the client :) 
This Maqpro Palette designed by Jan Sewell which I picked up at the PAM store is fantastic for Asian skintones as it contains a very light creamy shade and a very deep brown which isn't too red so when the two are blended it creates a lovely neutral brown that suits majority of people I have tried it on. 

Coverage is excellent, very buildable from sheer to full- being wax based means they last a hell of a long time on the skin and do not become oily and slide. I apply this with a damp sponge ripped in half.

Can take time to work with, it is stiff and creamy but I use a palette knife to soften it and blend shades and is perfect on-screen. 

In my personal opinion, this is not an everyday foundation. Too thick, too long to apply and I think it will clog your pores if worn everyday due to its thickness - I may be wrong, each to their own!

  Next up... #4 Brushes for Foundation...



  1. Im not a fan of perfection lumiere either I loved Mat lumiere for nights out though im using it very sparingly dont wana run out. I love skinbase to im SB12 and I do have a strong yellow undertone (pretty sure im a simpson) its a caramel colour and gorgeous on my RT stippling brush completely fell to bits when I washed it so Ive also switched to the elf powder brush. Im on the hunt for a new summer foundation I think im gna go for vitalumiere aqua and repurchase the trusty laura mercier tinted moisturiser x

    1. Yeah hang onto the Matte Lumiére! It's like gold atm I've kept my Perfection bottle :( and would love to know how you get on with Vitalumiere Aqua! I'm using No7's BB cream for light coverage and I love it :) xx



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