Cleanse in No Time | Bioderma Micellar Solution Make Up Remover

 My new best friend...

Meet Bioderma. A working gal's must have cleanser. 

I hesitate to say cleanser however, I think it is more of a super effective make up remover and I tend to use Liz Earle's Hot Cloth Cleanser after this to be on the safe side.

If you tend to use make up wipes to take off your day's make up you need to seriously reconsider why. I find make up wipes SO tedious, they are always too dry and useless at really getting rid of everything. I've used a bunch, from Superdrug's own range to Simple and No7. Bioderma is famously used backstage at London Fashion Week mainly because its super quick at removing all traces of make up; ideal for those models changing looking for each runway.

And it's definitely all about these 'micellar' solutions. What that means is, the solution contains molecules of both water and oil. When dispersed on the skin, it will cleanse pores without aggravating the sebum (oil) producing glands, (because some molecules are oil and some water), making this cleanser ideal for removing mascara, eyeliner and base make up.

I was a little sceptical trying this at first, I just did not think a watery, clear liquid would actually be any better than the hundred other make up removers I had used. I soak a cotton pad with this and it takes all the layers of make up off in one swipe. It's super gentle and doesn't sting, dry out or aggravate the skin. My skin is left super refreshed and spotless, no redness, stickiness or traces of make up anywhere. And the best thing, is how quick it gets the job done well. It can take up a fair few cotton pads, but trust me it's worth it, my face is make up free in about 3 minutes with Bioderma.

With eye make up, I hold this on the lashes for a few seconds and let the solution soak in. Gently apply pressure and rub away and it will remove it really nicely. I love how it doesn't spread the make up across but soaks it up and away from the skin, so you aren't left with streaks of mascara across your cheeks

Because of its gentle and non-drying formula, this is best recommended for dehydrated skin but there are different ones tailor-made to the more acne prone, oily skin types. 

Biggest downfall of this product is its lack of availability in the UK. I hear there is an Ebay seller you can buy it from and it is on Amazon also. There are other brands doing similar style solutions such as La Roche Posay which is more readily available in Boots. Your best bet? Find a trusty friend who jet sets to France and ask very nicely if they can pick you some of these up at the reduced Euro price. For about £18 euros I got two 500ml bottles, working out to about £14. Definitely a bargain price, considering you spend about £2-4 on 25-30 make up wipes, which last under a month..not bad going.

The lazy, tired girl inside will no longer procrastinate over make up removal with this little French treat!





  1. you can actually buy this from BeautyMart in Knightbridge but they have out the price up because they know it is popular

    I personally am not a fan of this. It's a great cleanser, average makeup remover. I found that it never removed my eye makeup well and I sadly stuck to face wipes.


  2. I like that youve said this doesnt dry your skin out, will have to purchase this. And you use liz's cleanser, thats all I use atm to take my make up off LOL lazy. Your reviews make me want to try everything!!



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