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So I am back again, after a very long break! And I have finally finished my LPC....and better yet, started a new job! I am so excited and grateful to be starting out in the field I've always wanted to go into straight after law school...AND it means I can dedicate a lot more time to blogging again!

I've been wanting to do this post for a while but exams and what-not got in the way, but here it is: 

MAC Pro Longwear Lipcreme - 3 of the best lipsticks I own!

L-R - Unlimited, Prolong, Till Tomorrow

These come in a matte black tubular casing - fancy!

I never seem to see enough people raving about this collection and I can't understand why. MAC came out with the Pro Longwear Lipcremes as a limited edition range but eventually they were made permanent and new colours appear now and then as limited edition - like the recent Beth Ditto collection which I cannot wait try out!

The three I own are:

Unlimited |MAC says: 'muted dirty rose' 

I would say they are pretty spot on - it is lovely warm pink without being overbearing or too in your face. 

It glides on SO creamy and MAC are definitely right to call these lipcremes, they are super soft and easy to apply. 

From the swatch it seems a bit like the 'creamsheen' finish - slightly glossy, but dry completely matte. 

Also, these these lippies dry they feel like they are 'hugging' the lip and stay looking flawless all day.

The colour never dulls with use and would make a great day time lipstick for an everyday look. Layer with a gloss to amp it up!

Prolong | MAC says: 'True red'

 This is always my go- to lip colour paired with MAC lip pencil in 'Brick.'

Again, this dries to a matte finish without compromising the colour pay out and I always, apply, blot, apply, blot and apply for a locked on red lip. A red lip can be a lot of effort - especially matte as lips need to be in great condition, but even drier lips looks good in this lipstick because the formula doesn't dry and settle into dry areas.

If you don't want an all out red lip look for the summer, just dot and blend this on the lip for a very natural but hot lip.

Till Tomorrow | MAC says: 'Grey mauvey brown'

This is a gorgeous nude for avian/olive skin tones! Look at how perfectly nude that is!

This makes a great every day lip colour when your eyes are more done up as it mutes down any natural lip tone without washing your skin out.

The circular top of all the Pro Longwear lipcremes means that you can cover a whole lip in one swipe and the pigmentation is consistently good. I find this one really hugs the lip as it dries and you know its not gonna budge!

These do not dry out the lips at all and as you rub your lips together throughout the day they don't feel parched or papery. 

The swatches dried to a matte finish.

These retail at £16.50 - a little more than the regular bullet shaped ones but you get .6g more product....and I much prefer the texture of these to their regular matte lipsticks.

"You can't keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick."~ Heather Locklear


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