Five Favourite Beauty Trends | Spring/Summer

Five Favourite Beauty Trends

I wanted to write up on five areas of beauty and hair that I love to play up in the warmer months, reflecting current catwalk trends, in particular the Eastern/ Asian side of the globe!

1. As we head into Summer seasons there is the usual turn away from the plums and browns to fresher, youthful shades of lilac and pink - but that doesn't mean we say goodbye to the warmer tones till next Autumn. 

Incorporate an in-between shade to change up the usual pastel shades - Orange is a perfect one.
This picture below shows how keeping the eyes simple and flawless places emphasis on a bright lip without looking overdone. Keep the cheeks contoured but light - use of bronzer to contour rather than a deeper brown blush adds enough warmth and depth to the cheek for this look.

Vaneeza Lawn Summer Collection 2012

2. Heavy make up doesn't have to mean dark make up - if you like an bridal outfit that isn't so heavily embroidered or embellished but still want to look like the main lady on your big day, go for flashes of bright colour on the eyes and lips that compliment your outfit.
3. It is classic for a reason - smokey eyes and a red lip never goes out of fashion especially in the Bridal spheres and this picture of Malaika Arora in Cosmopolitan oozes 1950's glamour. But smokey eye doesn't mean black only - if you have lilac, green or blue shades in your outfit use plums, forest greens and navy as your smokey base to update the smokey classic to your liking.

Malaika Arora for Cosmopolitan

If you prefer a heavier smokey eye than Malaika, lessen the intensity of colour on your lips. A neutral glossy lip with sensual eyes like Bobbi Brown achieves below is a modern take on heavy evening make up.

4. Why not try changing up your hair colour before the big day? Subtly change your whole colour palette by adding golden highlights underneath in small scattered strips. I have this in my hair and when in an up-do the peeks of caramel and honey tones are complimentary to glowy bridal skin. Perhaps go for a more edgy look and dip dye the bottom - looks stunning when hair is left loosely curled, like below.

My hair currently
taken from

taken from

5. Sunkissed Glow - embrace your colour! alabaster white, sunkissed, tan or chocolate - long gone are the days where fashion magazines looked only for the light skinned beauties. Make up should be used to enhance your skin tone not cover it up with a blanket white mask. The 'Kim Kardashian' glow is famous because she contours her face keeping the deep golden tones and uses a foundation 2 shades lighter in the centre, where she wants to draw attention. The picture on the right of Pakistani model and actress, Iman Ali shows how adding a shimmer highlighter on the tops of the cheek bones draws attention to the eyes and lifts the face, adding dimension and height.

Iman Ali ~ Pakistani Model and Actress


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