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I haven't seen a lot of posts up on the Sleek I -Divine Ultra Matte Palettes that came out recently, so I thought I'd give then a test run and report back to you!

 I was super excited when these were released and literally ran to Superdrug on the day to grab them. Matte shades are quite a rarity in drug store brands which is a shame, so when I heard Sleek were doing palettes of them in both a 'Brights' and a 'Darks' range I couldn't wait!

Sleek is a fantastic brand and probably my favourite over the past 6 months - all the other Sleek palettes have excellent pigmentation, colour pay off and are the best value of money. They are slim, great for travel and offer 12 shades in every palette for a mere £7/6.99 in Superdrug or at their website.

 I haven't had a chance to actually use them in a look since I got them but I tried them out just so you get a feel of the pigmentation, and I personally think the 'Darks' colour payoff is far better than the 'Brights'

'Brights' L-R: Sugarlite, Pout, Chill

'Darks' Top-Bottom: Fern, Dune, Noir, Highness


They have a velvety soft texture but the 'Brights' seem chalkier than the 'Darks' and one swipe doesn't deposit as much colour at all. On the upside, that may mean they are more wearable shades than they seem in the pan. I would recommend trying these with a slightly dampened brush and definitely primer. However, the shade range is gorgeous with names like Bammi, Strike and Pow! and very summer appropriate :)


I prefer this palette as the pigmentation is far better than the 'Brights and the shades would work well for blending out the crease for various smokey eyes. However, the variety of colours is more limited; there is a lighter and darker green (Orbit and Fern) and two shades of cream (Dune and Flesh) and purple (Highness and Villan). 

My personal favourite is 'Ink' a gorgeous deep navy blue!

I guess these have been a little over hyped - I was expecting better texture and pigmentation from Sleek but the fact they have attempted and not done a bad job of creating a Matte shadow palette wins me over.


  1. I've got a friend picking up both of these for me, quite curious to try them.. as they (and a few other bits) will be my first foray into Sleek.

    Thanks for the swatches. :]

    1. even if you don't like the matte palettes you'll be sure to like the others! let me know if you need any more Sleek recommendations! xoxo



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