Lashtastic..if you can stand the pain! - Chanel Inimitable Mascara

You may remember from a very early post of mine I mentioned a recent purchase of the Chanel Inimitable Mascara after receiving a sample of it with my Pro Lumiére foundation. I thought it was about time I gave you all a review of it!

What the website says:

'For a natural result VOLUME, LENGTH, CURL: Lashes reveal their perfect dimensions for eyes that are captivatingly natural.

The brush and formula work in harmony to boost the multi-dimensional effect and extend lashes to infinity:

Its formula perfectly coats lashes, gracefully lengthens and curls them and accentuates their volume for a natural 3D effect with no clumps in sight.

Its inimitable high-tech brush in soft, flexible elastomer lines up ultra-fine bristles that are precisely adjusted for optimal application and cling. It delivers the ideal dose of mascara to even the smallest lashes at the corner of the eye.'

1. Packaging and General Presentation
Hardly a area of conspiracy or debate - its Chanel, so obviously a delightfully sleek patent black and gold stick of elegance - no complaints there!

2. Price
I got this from Selfridges London, retailing at £22.50 - pretty steep considering Mac do mascara around the £13.50 mark...but I have a MAC mascara which I don't particularly care for so I decided to splash out on this.

3. The Brush
This is where I love it. And you can see why below.

The bristles are plastic but feel very much like fibre bristles - they are soft to the touch and flexible but you can see they aren't overcrowded and bunched up nor too long. This is what I love about them; it allows you to work them well into the lash line and brush through each individual lash, separating them rather than grabbing a number and coating them all at once. 

However there is a downside, and this may be just me... but if you are in a rush using this brush it will most definitely POKE you in the eye, very painfully! It does take time to thicken and really work with this brush but if you use patience in getting into the outer corners and the lower lash line which this is really great for then the results are worth the time. I have been punished by the brush a fair few times but it hasn't made me change mascaras just yet.

4. Volumising?
I unfortunately do not have a photo of me with the mascara on, so will have to use your imagination, but it is not volumising insofar that it doesn't give you the thick, spidery lash look. It lengthens but I think the thickening effect is more that it intensifies the root giving the impression of a thicker lash line; if you know what I mean.

5. Overall

I like it. Alot. It is a great daytime, natural looking mascara and does the job very well. I have never had an issue with it clumping lashes, feeling too thick and coated or needing to use eyelash curlers. My natural lashes are long and curled so I don't actually own a pair of curlers and they freak me out: the thought of clamping and bending those delicate hairs! This mascara has done well to enhance my natural curl and hold it for the day, giving glossy, thicker looking lashes without clumping or looking/feeling like I am wearing anything on my lashes. 

Would I pay £22.50 again... hmmm. Currently, probably not because money is an issue but I would like to think I will repurchase this again in the future - I plan to keep this wand once the liquid runs out anyway as it works really well for me.

Only main issue is the painful brush. But it wouldn't stop me using it - no pain no gain ladies!

'I never wear mascara; I laugh until I cry too often.' ~ Jeanne Calment


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