Baby I'm Back! Drugstore Spring Lips Hope!

Eeeeek blame Law school for my 6 week hiatus; I have had a TONNE of very tough exams and then just as I thought I can get back to the blog I was struck by possibly the worst flu virus I've ever endured and have only just about been able to get out of bed today.

But that means I have lots of blogging to catch up on, so lets get started!

Spring Lip Combo...well, so I had hoped!
 I don't know how everyone else is with revision and study, but I stay away from the shops for the most part until im craving walking into a shop and looking around; I had to go run some errands and had 20 minutes before the stores shut so I legged it to Superdrug to buy something to get me through :\ 

I haven't bought drugstore lip products in a long time, I don't think ever to be honest, but Revlon had a 2 for £9.99 offer on and they had some really pretty lipgloss shades and I've been on the hunt for a pretty baby pink for the upcoming Spring season. I picked this one in Revlon Colourburst's 'Orchid'.

And it is a really pretty shade, but more so in the bottle than it is translated on the lip. It is sheerer on the lip, but I like that it isn't glittery, sticky or frosty like many drugstore lip products. I am really not a fan of the wand, I much prefer the brush applicators or a doe foot applicator rather than this flat awkward shaped one.

But obviously, as with all promotional products, there is always one dud in the bunch. And that would be the Revlon Super Lustruous Lipstick in 'Blushed'.

This swatches like a dream as you can see below, and seems to be a gorgeous pinky brown shade, great for medium to light skin tones...but unfortunately it doesn't translate on my lips the same way which is really disappointing.

It is far more frosty on the lips and I feel like it gives a silvery finish rather than a lustruous one. It is a more warm toned than cool and hence the brown is prominent. It doesn't feel too bad, just thinner and less luxurious than my other lipsticks but that is expect for £6 or £7.

So, whilst I did have high hopes for this lip combo it didn't work out but the lipgloss is nice and I like that it isn't sticky especially when it is windy outside, and for a drugstore product it does the job, but the lipstick is not what I thought it would be. I do still use it because I don't like to waste/can't afford to splash out at the moment so I sheer the lipstick out OR another great use is to wear a matte brown or pink shade underneath; I go for Mac Prolongwear Lipstick in 'Till Tomorrow' usually and they apply one coat of the Blushed lipstick to give warm and shine to the matte lip! 

'You can't keep changing men, so you settle for changing your lipstick.'


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