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Heard a few rave reviews from ThePersianBabe about the VO5 'Adaptive Hair Technology' shampoos - which adapts to provide nourishment to the areas you need it most, apparently. its a new range which seems to have taken over previous shampoos and conditioners (i assume) and are available in different ranges to suit different hair types or requirements, for example:

- 'Plump me Up'
- 'Revive me Daily'
- Nourish me Smoothly'
- 'Cherish my Colour' ...(you get the gist)

So I usually am well stocked on shampoo and conditioner; I don't tend to experiment much since I've been dying my hair (close to two years now) and I've found Aussie Haircare to be the best for me - 'Colourmate Shampoo' specifically for coloured hair so the colour doesn't fade as quick. I used this with the '3 Minute Miracle Re constructor Deep Conditioner' pretty much for the past two years. It has a nice mild-ish scent, by that I mean its not overly fruity like Herbal Essences or floral, it has a distinct 'Aussie' scent which is hard to describe really... :\ but its lovely and left my hair feeling well nourished and super soft.

Back to the point... I watched Barbara from the Persian Babe rave about this shampoo and everytime I saw it in Superdrug I had to force myself away because I had just bought the 'Andrew Barton S.O.S Help Me! Super Repair Shampoo' and the 'Twice a Week Deep Conditioner' tub, available exclusively at Asda and they were on a 2 for £6 offer. Lets be honest, I was drawn to the bold red and black packaging which was a great statement amongst the other boring pastel coloured bottles in the aisle...NEVER AGAIN.

The shampoo hardly lathered into a foamy bliss like I usually expect from shampoo; I had to use a handful for it to feel like it was doing anything at all. 

I dislike anything in tubs because I hate scooping things out of them, its not very hygenic or practical :/ so I scooped a handful literally of this and smothered about midway down my hair to my ends and left it in for a good 4-6 minutes. After drying it with a hairdryer it did feel softer and was somewhat shiny, but it wasn't the spectacular results I had been expecting to be honest.

One very good thing about this range is the scent. It is made from 'Shea Butter and Frankincense' and smells like buttery,sweet, cupcakey goodness even after its been dryed. Its a lovely christmassy scent and probably the best thing about this SOS range.

So since this wasn't working for me at all, I decided I could go and get the VO5 range and test it out.

These 'milk bottle' duos are so cute! I went for the 'Give me Moisture' shampoo and 'Gloss me Smoothly' conditioner - my hair is dry as a desert because of the colouring and the Andrew Barton range did absolutely nothing to help that. I don't tend to go for a matching conditioner - don't see the need to and I went for the shine enhancing one here.

I love these. My hair felt so nourished and SO clean; right into my roots which then naturally gives greater volume and bounce. It smelt good in the shower, quite floral but not overpowering just a pretty scent which wasn't as strong post drying but not a major issue. You know when you leave the hairdressers and you flick your hair about like you're in the L'Oreal advert because it leaves your hair feeling voluminous, nourished and not dry in the slightest; the ends of my hair were silky without having to put any serum through them.

This was on an offer at Asda and I picked up each bottle for £2. I thought it would take a few uses of this to properly review it and see if it was worth it but after one wash I was sold, this is a must have for anyone with dry, damaged hair!

'There is more to life than hair, but its a good place to start'  - Aussie Haircare


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