December GlossyBox

On the 15th day of Christmas my true love sent to me...

My December GlossyBox which is a limited edition one...the only difference was that the box was red not the usual pale pink, but anyway heres what I found inside...

I have to say one great thing about GlossyBox is its presentation - so beautifully wrapped with a little golden emblem sticker is a great selling point and adds to the whole 'present in the post' gimmick..and I do love a good gimmick :)

Ok: Item number 1: Deborah Lippmann Razzle Dazzle mini Nail Varnish with Stripped to Go sachet

This is SUCH a lovely marooney colour without being too dark and vampish making it perfect for Christmas time! With one coat you do get a lot of glitter but it is too sheer, you either need two or three coats to get this the same shade as the bottle. Regardless this is a great lil sample and a colour to suit both cool and warm skintones.

Blink + Go Eyeshadow and Blush Palette

This is a great concept, its perfect purse size and would be a good stocking filler. Full size which i think is what we got ( because how would you give a sample size?!) retails at £14.95.

Except I really dislike the colours i got :(

 WHO wears these? This is the kind of palette of colours you would get excited about when you were 12. Something you got with your 'Mizz' magazine and you thought you were the coolest kid in town. I like bold colours but this is not something I would wear round this time of year...or in the summer...or spring..and its definitely not autumnal wear.

I havent swatched the colours as I'm thinking of handing it on to someone who will make use of it and would rather not mess it up for them but it has been described on the GlossyBox card as having a silky texture and finish. They arent shimmery, and do have a nice velvety look so I think on the lid they would look smooth rather than chalky.. I just SO wish I had got a better set of colours! :(

 The blush didn't get any better, the colours aren't bad as such, the bottom one is a deep coral whereas the top is a pale peachy tan. They are completely matte  and come with a double ended brush, one side foam on side hair.

Rituals Foaming Shower Gel

 LOVED this. Its an Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil foaming shower gel that 'gently cleanses your skin and leaves it silky soft and smooth.' And it did just that. The scent in the shower is delicious - not too overpowering and heavy but a 'nutty rosey' smell...less floral granny more perfumed and luxurious. It produces a thick foam instantly and really moisturises the skin without feeling greasy or like you haven't rinsed it off properly. A real shower treat :) And the bottle is full size retailing at £6.50 for 200ml so I was pleased with that.

Cargo Cosmetics Classic Lip Gloss

 This is described as being Cargo's new formulation. 'Perfect shades, great wear and high-shine without being sticky.' I received the shade Morocco which is a coral pinky colour (not as pink as it shows in the picture) and it jam packed with glittery shine which I did like as all my lipglosses are usually nudey and not very sparkly. It comes with a foam applicator and was not a full size product - full size retail price is £10. I do like this, not madly, but it is a nice thing to try out and its so nice that it actually isnt sticky so good for when the weather is haywire and blowing your hair all over your face!

Lastly... Bionova Eye Wrinkle Treatment

I'm 21. Wrinkles? Really? I'm still getting over adolescent spots stage. BUT my bestie & ex flat/mate, budding chemist Zara told me that some treatments are for the prevention of wrinkles and you should start those around this age/slightly older. And I checked and this was a prevention one (luckily) so I will be giving this a go...can't really review it...for another 20 years and we can see if it helped prevent wrinkles then i guess? :\

So thats all 5 items in my box this month...I'm in two minds; when I first unwrapped it I was all excited (the box came on the morning of an exam and I literally RAN home to open it that night) but when I saw that someone else had received a MUCH better blink+go shadow palette and an anti-blemish treatment instead of anti-wrinkle I felt a bit dejected. It seems January may be my last month of GlossyBox till I switch to Boudoir Prive and test that one out for a few months.. so GlossyBox my message to you is....get January right! It's my birthday month and I expect a top-notch box! (Perhaps an extra treat for the birthday girl?)


“If you're gonna be two-faced at least make one of them pretty.” - Marilyn Monroe


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