Dessert at Kai, Mayfair.

Food. Nothing is more exciting than a well thought-out meal. No, scratch that. Nothing is more exciting than a well executed dessert and I know one person who knows where to find good food better than anyone.

My good friend Shoaib, is blessed to have eaten in some of the best restaurants in London and across the world, from the Michelin starred down to more reasonably priced places and I am always green with envy hearing of his culinary adventures. So, naturally, I made him blog about 'the best mango cake...ever.' 

I know what you're thinking...its December, its not even mango season anymore, wouldn't you want a wintery, warming dessert rather than tangy and tropical? There's a reason these places are Michelin star worthy...

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reviews and Michelin Star credentials, Kai, a quaint restaurant tucked away in South Audley Street, Mayfair, serves a dessert that makes all others seem ordinary. The Peranakan Mango Cake is traditionally Malaysian, but adapted for today’s palettes and a fusion of modern day cooking with long-established far eastern cuisine.
‘Peranakan’ mango cake
Fresh mango cubes, gula Melaka & coconut ‘milkshake’ / ice cream - inspired
by the flavours of the Peranakan Chinese community of south-west Malaysia.
 The description in the menu above doesn’t do it justice, (nor does the poor quality photo...unprepared blogger) with the delicious sugar-cane ice cream complementing the cake perfectly. This dessert is matched by few and is definitely one of the best you’ll have. 

Just imagine the look on Masterchef judge - Greg Wallace's face as he had a spoonful of this...

'I want to have a good body but not as much as I want dessert.' ~ Jason Love


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