Blogger's Love... Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in No.54 Beige

30ml Plastic Pump Bottle - hello hygiene!

This lil beauty from Bourjois has been compared to Chanel's now discontinued Pro Lumiere foundation, which I talked about last year. Rumour has it they are made in the same factory (the excitement!) and I do see the similarities and differences (mainly in the pricing).

Colour Range

The colour range is quite wide ranging for this foundation but some colours are so similar it is hard to tell which one would be better suited. As they are sheer-medium texture you can get away with a slightly lighter or darker shade which is lucky.

I bought the shade No.54 Beige after much umming and erring at the stand in Superdrug. But I'm glad I did it because this shade which works well for my skintone and is a very, very good colour match. This foundation is not too yellow based which is great but beware, as all the shades seem quite similar but on oxidation you can see they darken a little.

This is a radiance boosting foundation, promoting a 'healthy' complexion with use of fruit extracts:
Apricot - radiance, Melon - hydration, Apple - anti-oxidant, Ginger - energy which I guess aid the natural radiance of the skin. It's a nice idea really, and I must admit it has done the trick.


I apply this with my Gosh Foundation Brush or my Sigma F82 Round Kabuki brush. This applies thinly but does give good coverage once blended well. It gives a subtle coverage, which I put down to its lovely, light texture, making application a quick process. 


When first applied it does leave a little sheen to the skin, however it dries to a semi-matte finish which is really natural and great for every day foundation. That's definitely my star feature of this foundation; it works for a quick everyday application, providing enough coverage without feeling too made up for work or school.

It boasts an 8 hour moisture and maintains essential skin hydration... and boast it may, because my skin has felt quite content with this baby over the top; no major dry skin or irritation at all and it doesn't settle, separate or crack over time.


This is where I waver, but for anyone who has tried Estee Lauder's Double Wear foundation will know that nothing beats that in the longevity stakes. Healthy Mix lasts me about 7 hours till I feel the need to add a little powder to combat shine. Not  a major gripe and definitely still very good from a drugstore foundation.

My skin has become particularly combination over the past 8 weeks, due to varying factors and therefore this does require powder application mid way through a 12 hour day for me. I'd advise anyone who wants it to last a great deal longer and look flawless to keep this handy in your bag for a top up.

One unusual con...

For anyone who has tried this, help a sister out.. but my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation has a very strong fresh-green-chillies scent. A little scary every time I go to apply this and I admit I squint because I think the chillies are in the foundation! On a serious note though, it isn't a negative, just an oddity, which I haven't actually read anywhere else..

You can purchase Bourjois Healthy Mix from Boots or Superdrug and it is usually on a 3 for 2 offer. I've heard good things about the concealer so it may be worth picking both up as a set. 

The RRP of £10.99 is worth trying out...n and that's coming from a self confessed foundation snob.


  1. I never noticed the chilli smell. I used one that had a red lid (maybe it's different?) I think it was the gel one, but that made my face really shiny and didn't last that long. Might need to try this one xxx

    1. Sam, give this one a go it doesn't make my skin too oily but I use Rimmel Stay Matte powder which helps x

  2. I love Healthy Mix but the shade range is disappointing I have this shade which is fine in winter and ive seen on their website they do a shade 56 but I can't find it anywhere! In the summer it's far too light for me I have to mix it with illamasqua skinbase in SB12. I've been repurchasing this for 3yrs now and it always has a really nice fruity scent I think its the apricot that comes through strongest, I would smell a tester if I was you to make sure yours hasn't gone off. If you can't find a tester let me know I'll send you some of mine xxx

    P.s. Don't lay it on its side, it leaks through the pump xx

    1. I use Illamasqua in shade 10 which is slightly too yellow for me, but you're right these do oxidise a bit. I will try a tester in store, thanks for the offer and advice! xx

  3. I also use this bourjois foundation in the same shade and I love it. I got colour matched for estee lauder as a shell beige. Tried it on when o got home, way too dark! I'm taking it back tomorrow and was wondering what shade do you get in the DW? Xx



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