Hairspray | Samy Fat Hair 'O' Calories vs VO5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant

So I just went and spent £45 in... Superdrug. When she bagged all my goodies I felt a little dizzy at that number. So here I am, trying to justify my buys one at a time.

Lets start today with these two hairsprays that I've been trying...

Vo5 Ultimate Hold Weather Resistant Hairspray

I could make this blog really short and just tell you who the winner is now... But let's give some constructive criticism.

I bought the Vo5 on the premise that I have really liked the Vo5 Adaptive Technology Shampoo and Conditioners so perhaps the hairspray will be just as good. But it just wasn't! It boasts 5 benefits:

1. All day hold that brushes out easily leaving hair soft to touch. - this is true, it does brush out easily and doesn't really affect the hair as it leaving a sticky residue or drying it out.

2. Weather Protection providing a shield against humidity for 24 hours and preventing frizz. - No. My hair was still frizzy, and it definitely did not last 24 hours.

3. Ultrafine fast drying with no sticky residue - true

4. Healthy shine - This gave a bit of shine but nothing to really notice.

5. UV filter to help against environmental damage - probably but I can't really judge that.

This smells pretty chemically and is definitely not sticky at all. But it doesn't do a whole lot of anything, I tried to do a top knot with this and despite spraying loads I didn't really see any great results.

Samy Fat Hair 'O' Calories Amplifying Hairspray

This is a little pricier at the £6.59 from Superdrug. But I love this hairspray and have repurchased it two or three times now. For 300ml you get a gorgeous big red bottle, the design of which I love. 

Amplifying? - Yes, spray this into roots and it grabs hold and keeps your hair in shape. I think this is great when hair is back combed, spray into the roots NOT on the top and your hard work will stay for ages.

Without residue? - sadly no, this is a super sticky hairspray and leaves hair rock solid. 

Shine? - Definitely gives a good shine, not glossy though, just that strong hold look.

This is a great hairspray for the top buns, slicked back hair, but not if you want movement or flexibility to your hair. It keeps hair in place but would need to be washed out as brushing out would be a pain. I would save this for nights out & special hairdo's that you want to perfect rather than an everyday hairspray.

So the Samy Fat Hair O Calories wins for me, but I guess it depends on your use for hairspray. I rarely use the stuff and when I do it is just to keep frizzies at bay, so this does the trick for me!



  1. I love using the L'Oreal Elnett hairspray. I have been using it since I was 15 and never changed.




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