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 I think Illamasqua is fast becoming my favourite make up brand for anything colour based - eyes, lips and cheeks the colours are so vibrant and eerily cool, they scream unique. I adore their branding: Illamasqua definitely takes a step away from the 'pretty' make up and is more theatrical and Gothic, demonstrating how we can all adapt and change our faces according to our styles and persona. Make up doesn't have to be pretty, it is an art form and I love it!

I have been developing my Illamasqua collection and above is a few items I have purchased in the past few months.

1. Illamasqua Eyeshadow in 'Forgiveness'

This matte shadow is great for blending, it is a brown-plum shade and I thought it may look as if my skin is bruised but used with a matte cream shadow and this blended through the crease it looks far from that, giving more of a contoured eye for everyday. The shadow itself is huge and I love the square packaging, it isn't chalky or hard to work with at all and I am keen to add to more shades to my collection. Retailing at £15.50 these aren't cheap, but if you pick up two or three of the more unusual shades then you are definitely better for it!

2. Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Breathe
Described as a 'white pearl shimmer' doesn't do it justice - Illamasqua pure pigments are divine. I am so keen to try the other shades but I was desperate for a white since my MAC Vanilla has run out. It is so smooth and the compact packaging means it is less inclined to spill and fly out everywhere - one of the major issues with the MAC pigments. It is vibrant and very easily blended out so makes a great highlighter. It is more on the gold side than silver I would say but whereas MAC Vanilla tends to shine gold this stays a 'warmer' shade of white rather than golden, so is a truer white in my opinion. Only downside is it retails at £15.50 for 1.3g, whereas MAC Pigments retail at £16.50 for 4.5g...significant difference!

Illamasqua Volume Mascara in 'Harness'

Nothing major to say here really, except I'm not a huge fan. This is a black 'volume' mascara - but I find it does little except colour the lashes, it isn't very buildable although the wand is comfortable to use. However, for £5 I can't really rant about it, it does the job of 'colouring' lashes and darkening them but not something I would reach for. One good thing is that it comes in different colours.

Make Up For Your Alter Ego ~ Illamasqua


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