Face Basics | Steps to a Flawless Base: #5 Powder & Finishing

This is the final stage of creating the base in my opinion and after this you can go ahead and apply all the blush, contour, highlight that you fancy.

These are my go - to items for everyday, all the time on myself and other people. There is a variety of powders and setting sprays you can try but these work for me the best so far.

Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural Powder 

This is a gorgeous, baked mineral powder which I use as the final step after liquid foundation. Often liquid can leave your skin feeling a little wet and is prone to slipping, rubbing off onto clothes and smudging make up if it is left 'open' without a top setting. I use this in Medium Plus which is roughly an NC25/30 shade to just soak up the foundation and slightly mattify it.

Powders can often look chalky and mattify the face too much but I find with the Skinfinish Natural you still get the semi-matte look whilst it helps the make up adhere longer and stay in place. The plus side of using mineral powder means it isn't clogging up your pores further but the minerals are actually beneficial to the skin in allowing it to breathe. *Tip* Make sure you are using a sheer coverage powder to set make up, often you may end up putting on a loose powder foundation which is far too heavy - giving the mask look you want to avoid!

Mineralize Skinfinish is available in both shimmer shades which are great to add glow and warmth (not a personal favourite of mine as they require more of a light hand and strategic placing to avoid the disco ball effect!) and the matte Natural range, going from Light to Dark Deep and their low coverage means they are pretty versatile. You get 10g for £20.50; I got mine a year ago and I haven't hit pan yet.

I have rarely got the 'powdery' look when using this over foundation BUT if you do, or are prone to dryer patches then Mac Fix + Spray is a great solution. 

'An aqua-spritz of vitamin and minerals, infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea, chamomile, cucumber...' This is a light water spray that, with a couple bursts all over the face, helps get rid of the dryness and adds the moisture back into make up without creating oils or smudging all the hard work you did! It is not a setting spray in my opinion - I have not noticed my make up to last longer or 'fix' any better, but it doesn't claim to either as MAC describe it as a 'finishing' spray. 

Don't use a brush after spraying this on as this will smudge everything, it can seem a little 'spraygun wet' after spraying but it all soaks in after about 20seconds. This is a very versatile product, I use it to dampen brushes and it can be used on a make up - free face before application to help with dryness or just to refresh. 

For £12.50 for a 100ml bottle and £7 for a travel size 30ml bottle I find this really handy to have in my train case, but cheaper options can be found in drug stores - perhaps try a Rose Toner and put it in a spray bottle?


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