Eyeliner Showdown! Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner

Eyeliner has been a make up essential for decades, giving ladies alluring, seductive eyes since as far back as can be remembered and with advances in the beauty industry they come in an array of formats including liquid, gel and pencil kohl, and more recently, the stick on appliqué kind which I have yet to try.

I personally LOVE gel or cream eye liners and apply those with a brush. But for those days where you have 5 minutes to get ready and need a quickly lined lid with little room for error, then my new found love is...

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

This liner boasts an easy-to-apply felt tip liner, with intense colour and fast drying versatility.

It lasts really well on my eyes consistently and does not transfer to the brow bone which usually happens with my liner as I have oilier lids. The major difference between this liner and other liquid liners is that, with other liquid liners and particularly the' L'Oreal Paris Super Liner', you cannot go over the same line multiple times - it begins to rub the first layer off and won't give the even, neat application. The Collection 2000 Extreme Liner does not do this; it dries instantly and even if you go over it repeatedly it just intensifies the colour rather than rubbing off the bottom layer!
As you can see mine is beginning to run out but this shows how versatile the nib is
It dries to a matte finish and can create both thick, heavier lines and thinner strokes, depending on whether you use the very top of the nib, or on its side for a thicker application.

A lot of bloggers love the 'L'Oreal Paris Super Liner' in Carbon Gloss but to be honest, it doesn't really do it for me. It is far too liquidy and wet on the eye, and when it does dry it leaves a glossy wet look - it is intensely black but I am not a fan of the glossy finish.
The Collection 2000 Extreme liner is not as intensely black as the 'L'Oreal Paris Super Liner' but I think it seems that way because of the matte finish - it still leaves the eye looking very well lined and enhanced.

The only con of the Collection 2000 Extreme liner - it has a meaty, bbq scent to it!? Not totally off putting but its definitely a different scent to any other make up product I own.

The Collection 2000 Extreme Liner retails at (I think) £2.99 from Superdrug and is excellent value. Great staying power, easy to work with and comes in 4 different shades, including Black, Purple, Teal and Blue!

'Live your eyeliner, breathe your lipstick, and kill for each other.' ~ Lady Gaga


  1. i have their original liquid liner and love it :) xxx

    1. does it stay on as well as this one? I'll have to check it out :) P.S love your blog! xo



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