Aussie Shine Serum | Happy Days for Coloured Hair

If you have coloured hair like me, you may understand the pain of having it redone so often and when you do leave it for a tad too long, that horrible brassy look it can give. 

Naturally, my hair is a very dark brown and I have very thick, wavy/curly hair. I started dying it close to 2 years ago and have had it bleached a few times to get it to the medium rich brown it is at the moment. I have warm, caramel and blonde scattered layers underneath, which have been a bit hit and miss depending on the Colourist at the salon but most of the time look really nice - they give just a flash of colour and dimension to the hair and look really natural when the hair is curled or pinned back.

The downside of maintaining this new brown do is that it has dried my hair out immensely. The ends have to be regularly trimmed for anyone who dyes their hair, as highlighting from dark to very light damages the core of the hair shaft and because of this, styling it and getting the healthy spring look can be a pain!

I have been using 'Aussie Dual Personality Coloured Hair Protection and Shine Serum' for about a year now and have gone through 2 bottles of it because it works so well.

Containing Jojoba oil it nourishes the hair cuticle without damaging the colour - this is a big plus for me as I hate when products strip the hair of all that expensive colour and you can be left with a coppery orange tinge instead of lustrous golden brown. Choosing hair products specifically for coloured hair helps avoid this and prolongs the freshly coloured shine.

This 75ml tube does give a medium rating for 'hold' but I don't really think it 'holds' anything - it does keep frizz at bay very well but I wouldn't put that in the Hold category - that is more of a hairspray term no?

 It smells so lovely and fresh just like the whole Aussie range and gives my hair a really nice shine without feeling or looking greasy. 

Potentially looking into hair masks or intensive conditioning treatments in the future - if you have any haircare tips I would love to hear them!

'There's more to life than hair, but it's a pretty good place to start' ~ Aussie Haircare


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