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Happy New Year! Hope you've had a positive start to 2012 so far :)

Here's a couple pieces of jewellery I picked up in recent weeks; I've been trying to change up my look for 2012: 

I usually go for minimal jewellery which is very simple, feminine and classic pieces that hold sentimental value - but I'm getting bored of the same look and jewellery is a great way to change up your style and its definitely easier to do so with inexpensive trend jewellery like statement necklaces, cuff earrings or bangles, or chunky rings.

 This necklace I got from Topshop in the sale for about £8 - it was half price roughly from £16.50 and I love it - its exactly the kind of look I'm liking at the moment and its versatile - works really well with tops and dresses I already have.

It is gold and silver toned and had thin gold spikes and ivory/marble tooth style larger spikes (I think that's what its called?!) I love the gold intricate detailing mixed with the grungy battered metal cubes.


I've worn this with a white or cream knit jumper and jeans, a maroon pleated maxi skirt and black 3/4 sleeve body top - It works casual on a daily basis and for an urban evening look as well. 

I've seen that BeautyCrush has worn this in previous video's and OOTD's as well.


I picked up this necklace from Forever 21 for a bargain £7.40! Forever 21 can be a hit a miss, I normally find their jewellery quite tacky, overly studded with plastic diamanté bits and just mass made pieces trying to fit the current trend.

 This, is not one of those, and I think the store has a tribal, Turkish/Middle Eastern theme going on in jewellery at the moment because there were a couple of similar items that caught my eye. I went for this because, again it is a statement piece, I have nothing like it and it's a really good item for its price.

Its a dirty gold tone metal and I love the chunky chain on this as well as the links between each stud piece. The chain length is fairly short so would look nice on maxi dresses in the summer months or over a casual black dress or top. I love the 'tribal desert' trend and this is ideal for it!



Now, I had seen a cuff earring in Topshop and I really wish I was brave enough to get it but I don't think I can pull it off quite yet - a cuff earring is similar to this style above - it has a long dangly normal earring but one of the strands will be a cuff shape which you hook onto the outer rim of your ear further up the top. It is super edgy and I love how they look! Topshop have two that I've seen - one is a silver skull which I'm not into; (if they bring out a similar one with a different bottom design I'd go get it) - the other is a feather one which is too 'Pocahontas' for me again... so I found these in Forever 21..

Like I said, there is a Turkish/middle eastern/Arab theme currently going on in Forever 21 and I found this blue stone in a few of their other necklaces and bracelets - Topshop concession 'Orelia' had a similar idea too actually! These earrings were £3.15 and I love the pretty detail on the daggers and the blue stone droplet isn't tacky or cheap looking in the slightest - its a matte 'stone' style with thin yellow lines running through.
An alternative way to wear this could be to wear only one and in their other ear wear a stud of the same blue stone or a chunky silver or black metal stud or hoop.

I have bought a few other things in recent weeks, some beauty and some clothing which I will review and blog about in coming weeks!

Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect.  ~Chinese Proverb


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